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16 june 2012

Newsletter SemperNovum

During the exhibition "Living in History" on June 16, in the beautiful ambiance of Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn, the new SemperNovum Exclusive line was presented.
In this line also exclusive and authentic materials are used, however completely in modern design.
This in addition to or in contrast to the current Heritageline where the materials in their original form are used.
The first model in this line is the ArcusX330 desk lamp with base in polished Carrara marble.


Click on the image to see the other Exclusive line models.

Furthermore, during the fair the specially developed Semper Novum Light Control app was demonstrated for the first time.
With this app  the lamps can be controlled remotely by a smartphone, and the functionality is greatly expanded.
For example you can now set any color of the LED lighting you want.
The color on the display reflects directly the color of the lamp.

Also, with this app the brightness of the power LED can be set.


Below are some screenshots for color setting:

SN_app1   SN_app2