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Each lamp of SemperNovum contains exclusive material that comes from our cultural and historical heritage.
These are materials that after the restoration, to a limited extent, have been released but were no longer suitable for reuse.
Rather than being discarded and destroyed, they get a new life after careful preservation.

With every lamp you can choose what material of which heritage you want to use. Below you find a description of some of them.

You can also deliver material of a monument or object that you personally have a very strong bond with.
For example the parental home that has been broken down or an ancient tree that has to disappear. Please contact SemperNovum to discuss the possibilities.


Château Neercanne >>


Molens Kinderdijk >>


Schloss Merode >>


Kasteel Cortenbach >>


Volmolen Vaals >>

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Villa Rozendael >>

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The following materials are also available:

  • Prehistoric trunk

    Exposed by meandering river Roer. Ca 5000 - 6000 years old
  • Coal of the mine Oranje Nassau

    The last remnants of Limburg coal extracted from the mine