SemperNovum is the label under which designer Louis Verbeek creates unique and exclusive lighting.
The design, the functionality and particularly the authentic and exclusive materials used, make every product very special and, depending on the material, even worldwide unique!

The Semper Novum collection is divided into two different model lines:
the Heritage line and the Exclusive line.
The design, functionality and high quality is the same for all lamps.
The difference lies in the materials used for the base.

At the Heritage line, authentic historical materials are processed in their original form .
These authentic materials are typically obtained from centuries old monuments.
They became available to a limited extent during the restoration because they were no longer suitable for reuse. Rather than being discarded, they get, after careful preservation, a new life.
Each product is therefore unique with its own story and character, giving it an exceptional value.
In combination with the newest (LED) technology, this creates very special and exclusive lamps.

In the Exclusive line, these authentic materials are also applied however in completely modern, sleek design.
Besides these authentic materials also other high-quality materials such as e.g. stainless steel, marble and crystal are used.

All lamps are designed with sustainability in mind and produced in a handcrafted way,in limited, numbered editions.

Click on the picture for a short video presentation about SemperNovum:

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