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februari 2019

Unique Arcus-S lamp with prehistoric trunk

A very special example of the standing Arcus-S lamp has recently been completed: the Arcus-S "Rura".
It is a standing reading- and mood lamp with a foot of an oak that stood thousands of years ago in the valley of the river Roer.
This trunk has been released by the meandering of the river. The age can be estimated from the layer in which it lay. This is at least 4000 years. Something that also follows from the color of the wood that has become almost pitch black.
"Rura" is the Roman name for this river that rises in the Ardennes (B) and flows into the river Meuse at the city of Roermond (NL).

The wood is carefully conserved and a large piece of trunk is incorporated in this lamp.
There are still a very limited number of pieces of wood available from this prehistoric oak, with which on request other lamps can be made.
Such as the Lumina and Candela table lamps and the Arcus desk lamp.
Please contact us for that.
If you still have special wood, you can also supply this as a basis for one of the lamps.

For more info about the Arcus-S series lamps see: Products> Heritage line> Arcus-S

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SemperNovum - Arcus-S SN-RU-BS 1 pt 600x800

SemperNovum - Arcus-S SN-RU-BS 2 zm 800x600


The river Roer springs in Belgium and enters the Netherlands at the village of Vlodrop via Germany.
In our country she flows through the beautiful Roer valley where she can meander freely.
The water is so clean that it even contains trout and salmon. The total length of the river is about 165 km, of which about 21 km in the Netherlands

Roer bij Lerop 800x600

The Roer at Lerop

SemperNovum - Roerstam 1a 800x600

The trunk as released by the river.
Measurement of the different layers in the steep edge.