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The Lumina is a special and surprising table lamp that is available in different variants

The Lumina Carbo has a foot of the last Dutch coal that was brought up in 1975 before the closure of the mines.
This lamp was specifically designed in 2015 to remember this event.
In this context also  a special website was created. See Mijnlamp 2015 website

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The Lumina Marga has a base of marlstone, for example of Chateau Neercanne near Maastricht (NL),
Of this castle the walls were restore a few years ago. Remnants of this marlstone from 1698 form the base of the lamp.

The Lumina Ligna has a base of wood from ancient monuments. Such as, e.g. the Frankenhof mill Vaals (NL). Traces of a large fire in the middle of the 19th century are still visible on the foot.

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As with all Semper Novum lamps you can also indicate a preference or even provide your own material for the foot.
Soon also a fully sleek design base will be available: the Lumina X

The foot of ancient, often centuries old materials, is combined with modern design and innovative technology.
For example, the LED light source is not in the hood section, but in the foot, which has a surprising effect. Through a glass rod that light is directed upwards where it is distributed.

For the hood different films can be chosen. From the special multi-colored iridescent film to a more tranquil silver-bronze film.
The lamp is turned on and off with touch control and can optionally be operated with a smartphone app.